Mowing Fundamentals – Beginner’s Guide to Success

What Occurs When You Mow?

Whenever you mow your garden a number of issues occur to your grass. The very first thing that occurs is the foundation system briefly stops rising. Subsequent, vitamins are lower off from the grass which causes stress. For this reason you should not mow your garden each different day.

It appears like mowing is dangerous on your garden would not it? Thankfully, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. After you mow, the grass produces new crops from the crown and stem nodes which enhance the garden’s density. Now, that may be a good factor!

Mowers are Weed Killing Machines

Do not go working to the chemical retailer simply but! Mowing your garden is among the best and handiest methods to kill weeds. Why is it efficient? Mowing weakens weeds and stops seeds from spreading and germinating. Additionally, mowing tall will permit your grass to crowd out weeds.

Mowing Peak

An important rule when mowing is to by no means mow greater than 1/3 of the size of your grass. Chopping greater than 1/3 shocks the grass plant and harms root progress. It will utterly negate all the advantages of mowing. Not a very good factor.

As a normal rule of thumb, you need to lower increased. This helps soil retain extra moisture and encourages extra stress and warmth tolerance together with your grass. Tall grass additionally shades the soil floor which reduces weed seed germination (particularly with crabgrass).

An actual peak vary to mow can solely be decided by the kind of grass that you’ve. Beneath are some frequent grass sorts and really useful peak ranges:

1. Bermuda grass —> ½ – 1 inch

2. Buffalo grass —> 2 – 3 inches

3. Kentucky bluegrass —> 2 – 3 inches

4. Creeping bent grass —> ¼ – ¾ inch

5. St. Augustine grass —> 2 – 4 inches

6. Zoysia grass —> ¾ – 2 inches

7. Centipede grass —> 1 – 1 ½ inch

8. Bahia grass —> 2 – 4 inches

Mowing Frequency

You must attempt to keep away from having a set schedule to mow your garden. It’s worthwhile to be versatile to observe the 1/3 rule. In case your grass is actively rising, you will have to mow extra usually. If the grass progress slows down, then you definitely lengthen the time between every mowing. Give attention to the garden progress in relation to the optimum peak of your grass.

What occurs if you happen to let your grass develop too lengthy? Do not panic. Increase the Mowing peak and solely lower 1/3 of the grass. A number of days later you possibly can decrease it and lower one other 1/3. Repeat this course of till the grass is on the correct peak.

The most effective time of day to mow is within the night when there’s nonetheless loads of gentle and the grass is dry. This retains stress on the grass to a minimal.

Bagging vs. Mulching

There are three cases the place you need to bag the clippings:

1. Preserve a pointy look for friends.

2. Accumulate weed seeds to stop spreading.

3. The grass is tall and produces extra clippings.

Each different time you’ll want to mulch the clippings. This feeds your garden with nitrogen-rich clippings.

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