A Private Owners Guide to Bottling Fine Whisky

Nearly all of personal house owners of whisky casks are searching for an evaluation of their choices. The aim of this text is to assist reply questions that non-public house owners might have about bottling their whisky casks.

Its all the time really useful that non-public house owners bottle at cask energy as this minimises the variety of bottles that you just get making it cheaper for bottling and requiring much less space for storing. The supplies wanted for a single malt presentation embrace: tall spherical clear bottle, varnished wooden topp stopper cork, gold colored pure tin capsule and plain white outer instances. For personal house owners the usage of a easy black and white label can be enough. On it will be your title, distillery from which the cask originated and the cask particulars together with date of fill, cask quantity, energy and so forth. In case you plan to print your personal remember that labels printed on ink jet pc printers are prone to have the ink run if the whisky is spilled on the label. A color laser printer is nonetheless an excellent possibility for brief run label manufacturing.

The standard hogshead cask will yield round 280 bottles at a energy near 60% alcohol. In case you have been to bottle at 40% this might entail the addition of round 120 litres of water and would require an additional 171 bottles to comprise the elevated bulk quantity. It will additionally imply that the whisky would must be chill filtered to keep up it is readability and brightness because the discount in energy causes the whisky to develop into cloudy. Chill filtration impairs the flavour of the whisky and is due to this fact averted by purveyors of high-quality malt scotch and it’s regular for such merchandise to be bottled at such excessive energy, i.e. 46% or extra.

There are alternatives for defraying or deferring a few of the prices concerned:


Many individuals type a syndicate with household or associates. This reduces the price burden however in fact you get much less of the whisky. This isn’t normally an issue as it’s going to take 5 years to get via one cask at a bottle per week. A personal syndicate who are usually not shopping for and promoting will be handled in the identical means as a person personal proprietor and doesn’t at the moment must be registered with Customs & Excise.

Bonded Storage

Nearly all of the expense when bottling is incurred within the type of obligation and VAT which can be levied on the obligation. You possibly can select to retailer your bottled Whisky in a bonded warehouse. In case you can find one domestically, and they’re joyful to help a personal proprietor, then you’ll be able to retailer the whisky beneath bond and pay the obligation and VAT as and while you take away the products to be used. You’re prone to be charged pennies per case per week for bonded however please do affirm this together with your chosen warehouse upfront.

Kevan Jones is the Director of Craigton Packaging Ltd., they’re a small privately owned firm that specialises in very quick run bottling operations. Nearly all of their work is single cask bottling for commerce clients servicing the specialist malt whisky sector, though in addition they take care of personal house owners and syndicates.

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